Medusoid Mycelium (2013)

So I made this as an entry for the Graphika Manila book this year. I’m not expecting anything at the moment. I don’t know if it will be included in the book or not. But eitherway, I’m fairly proud of this piece even though I’m second guessing a few things about this piece.

Anyway, I realize, nearly every year since I made the cover of the GM Book, I’ve been using Graphika Manila as an excuse and motivation to make a decent piece of art. But I always try and do something I haven’t done before. So every entry I send in, from hence forth and before, have been wrought with experimentation. So it’s a great learning experience. In or out, at least I think I took another step forward in my artistic journey.

Anyway, this piece is about being consumed by thoughts or ideas or emotions. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. Like right now, my insecurities pile on and can cripple me emotionally and somewhat physically. A bit of depression can encourage lethargy and apathy. Anyway, I’m fine. That’s partially why I made this. Therapeutic art making I guess. It heals in a sense.

PS: Plus 5 awesome points to those who know the medusoid mycelium reference. Hint: It’s from my favorite book series as a kid. :)

This piece is also available as a print by the way over at my Society 6.

And if you have the time and haven’t scored yet, please score my entry for that Bravest Warriors design contest. Thanks guys.

Also, I’ll try and get Burton X PKMN project back on track next week Friday hopefully after my exams. I’ve been itching to get back on it, but life happens. Still, sorry for not updating. I do read all the mail, and I will try to reply to all of you. Please be patient. :|

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from A Series of Unfortunate Events. Book 11, The Grim Grotto. God I love that series.

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