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do you ever see a photo of your bias and you’re just struck by how much you like him and how much you want him to be happy and how much his smile can make the world seem brighter and how greasy and cheesy your heart feels because he makes you feel stuff that doesnt seem logical but it is because you cant help thinking he’s the most beautiful boy in the whole world 

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So when I went up to get my art autographed, Posey was like I KNOW THIS ONE, IT’S ON MY PHONE. They weren’t supposed to allow photos, but they let me take this quick one.

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WHat the fuck is wrong with white people I dont have time for this i come on here for some quality blogging and what do I get. Fuckin white girl got the cast of “A Bugs Life” in her head I’m deleting

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"Thomas backed into the corner once again, folded his arms and shivered, and the fear returned. He felt a worrying shudder in his chest, as if his heart wanted to escape, to flee his body.
'Someone… help… me!' he screamed; each word ripped his throat raw.”

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When was the last time you were called beautiful and felt it?

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